Flame & Burner

The latest flame scanners utilise microprocessor technology to make the units more versatile, less affected by spurious external conditions (such as welding etc) and simpler to install with integrated secondary electronics inside the scanner.

Finding the best scanner for an application is critical to ensuring safe, nuisance trip free operation. In addition to the fuel and the quality of the flame there are other factors to consider: the interaction of the flames within the furnace, the ambient light from heated refractories and the physical problem of providing the unit with a clear line of sight.
We can survey the application and recommend the best solution.

The Insight is an advanced, integrated microprocessor-based unit, equipped with Infrared, Ultra-Violet (or both) sensors. Easily set up via the integral display and key pad, the Insight scanner can be equipped with an auto-tune facility to further ease start up.

Paragon provides information on flame quality for combustion analysis.

For simple single burner applications Simplicity offers an “Out of the Box” start up.

Pheonix is a self check IR scanner that meets most fossil fuel applications.
For all safety, trip and shutdown applications where secure, reliable flame failure detection is important consult ies.